Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Creating Your Future®

Year Title Author(s) Publisher / ISBN
1988 Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall Meta Publications, 0-916990-21-4
1989 The Secret of Creating Your Future Tad James Metamorphous Press, 0-9623-2720-4
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2009 Mastering Your Hidden Self Serge Kahili King Quest Books, 0-8356-0591-4


Year Title Author(s) Publisher / ISBN
1970 Hypnotherapy Dave Elman Westwood Publishing, 0-930-298047
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2007 Hypnosis Tad James, Lorraine Flores and Jack Schober Crown House Publishing, 1-8998-3645-4


DVD Title Author Price
Marketing your NLP Business Tad James USD$2800
The NLP Practitioner DVD Collection Tad James USD$1995
Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner DVD Set Tad James USD$1295
Values from the NLP Master Practitioner Training Tad James USD$1295


CD Title Author Price
The NLP Practitioner CD Collection Tad James USD$895
The NLP Master Practitioner CD Collection Tad James USD$995
The NLP Trainer's Training Audio Collection Tad James USD$1495
The Secret of Creating Your Future® CD Collection Tad James USD$395
Time Line Therapy® Audio CD Collection Tad James USD$495
Time Line Therapy® Induction CD Set Tad James USD$119
Deep Trance Phenomena CD Set Tad James USD$295
Using NLP in Business CD Set Tad James USD$395