Master Practitioner Training

Who should attend?

This course is open to everyone who has an open mind, a curiosity to learn and wishes to undertake personal transformation and those who wish to build on their knowledge and experience of the certified practitioner qualifications and may be looking to become certified NLP trainers.
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What will I receive?

Internationally recognised 4 certified master practitioner qualifications that you can utilise in Business, Education, Sport and Coaching environments and provides the basis to become a certified trainer of NLP.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques
  • Hypnosis
  • NLP Coaching

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Why is this useful?

Conscious Use of Language

  • Use quantum linguistics to break through problems without any intervention
  • Experience Sleight of Mouth patterns to overcome objections

Presentation Skills

  • Present like a professional charismatic speaker
  • Learn the secrets to the magic of presenting
  • Build rapport with a group
  • Ensure your message gets across each and every time

Values and Meta-programmes

  • Learn the basis of our deep unconscious programmes that determine our behaviour
  • Learn why some people are successful and others are not
  • Make the deep personal changes to achieve your goals


  • Learn the secrets of modelling as used by the creators of NLP
  • Become a model of excellence by eliciting and installing models of excellence in yourself

Personal Breakthrough

  • Package everything you have learnt and apply to a potential client and see the magnificent results you can achieve
  • Take a complete history of a client and devise interventions
  • Experience giving and receiving a full personal breakthrough for a whole day each during the training

Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques Master Practitioner

  • Learn to take a detailed personal history
  • Learn advanced techniques to remove negative emotions
  • Learn regression techniques to acquire skills
  • Using Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques to assist clients in healing

Master Hypnosis Certification

  • Use the full continuum of trance inductions; direct-authoritarian, indirect-permissive and client-centred and learn the techniques of Erickson, Estabrook and Elman

NLP Master Coach Certification

  • Learn the framework to utilise the skills developed from the above trainings to help family, colleagues, peers and executives to achieve their potential and remove the impediments to their success

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What will I learn?

1. NLP Master Practitioner

Quantum Linguistics – the art and science of conversational change

  • Using the language of time
  • Conversational belief change
  • Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Meta-model III – directionalised questioning
  • Time release suggestions
  • Prime Concerns – linguistic life change

Presentation Skills

  • Learn the 4MAT system to structure the content of your presentation so that the message is received by each and every member of the audience
  • Learn to design metaphors to get the message across at an unconscious level
  • Learn the charisma pattern to speak like a professional charismatic speaker
  • Learn to take control of the ‘stage’ as a vehicle for your presentation

Values and Meta-programmes – the basis of personality

  • Learn the Values system of Dr Clare Graves which explains the basis of behaviour at the deepest level
  • Elicit personal Values and identify conflicts that impact goal achievement
  • Elicit Meta-programmes
  • Structure changes in Values and Meta-programmes to ensure alignment to your goals in career, personal relationships, personal development and health and fitness


  • Learn how to model excellence in others and then install the model in yourself

Advanced Submodalities

  • Create designer SWISH patterns

Advanced Strategies

  • Using the Logical Levels of Therapy coaching for conversational strategy change
  • Elicit and utilise strategies in business, relationships and coaching
  • Strategy installation and change using eye pattern rehearsal

Collective Conscious, NLP and Quantum Physics

  • The link between quantum physics, personal change and empowerment
  • The Holographic Universe and healing
  • Morphic fields and the Collective Consciousness; we are all connected

2. Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques Master Practitioner

  • Take a detailed personal history
  • Prime Directives of the unconscious mind
  • Remove negative emotions
  • Learn advanced techniques to remove negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt) using the Drop-down through technique
  • Logical levels of coaching
  • Pain Paradigm
  • Personal breakthrough session
  • Regression techniques
  • Interventions to promote healing

3. Master Hypnosis Certification

  • Comparison of direct-authoritarian, indirect-permissive and client-centred techniques
  • Ericksonian Inductions
  • Elman Hypnotic Inductions
  • Estabrook Inductions
  • Induction convincers
  • Deepening techniques
  • Post-hypnotic suggestions
  • Advanced use of Pendulum Paradigm

4. NLP Master Coach Certification

  • Values level thinking based on the work of Dr Clare Graves
  • Use of Values Levels in coaching
  • Values Level transition to aid goal alignment
  • Values and Motivation Strategy
  • Values and the release of negative emotions
  • The Change State Indicator (Open, Arrested, Closed)
  • “Creating Your Future®” Coaching Techniques
  • The Coaching Values Inventory using Spiral Dynamics Instruments based on the work of Chris Cowan and Natasha Todorovic

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How is it possible to learn so much in just 14 days?

The training is provided in two parts. There is the pre-training study material, consisting of a comprehensive manual, and a comprehensive set of 28 CDs narrated by Dr Tad James. We believe this to be the most comprehensive set of training material available in the NLP market place. All these items are included in the price of your training.

The pre-training material takes around 70 hours, and this is undertaken at your own convenience. At the end of the pre-training study, a questionnaire is completed to test your understanding of the material. This questionnaire needs to be submitted back to us, at least 7 days prior to the start of the course.

During the training, you will have the opportunity to utilise all the techniques discussed in the material, and learn of the latest developments.

The Master Practitioner Training, is intensive. We begin each day at 9.30am prompt, and complete each day at 5.00pm. So we expect you to take full advantage of and gain the greatest value from this training. It will be like no other training you have ever taken. It will be challenging, exciting and fun.
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Where can I use it?

Well, you would quite simply have all the tools that you needed to coach people either professionally or at home to achieve their goals! Would that be useful?
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 Excellence in behaviour.