NLP in Education


  • Build relationships

Eye Patterns

  • Useful in identifying normally or reverse organised
  • Help to identify strategies by observing eye patterns


  • Use Swish pattern to help change behaviour
  • Use Like-to-Dislike (and reverse) to change behaviour towards a particular activity, eg doing homework


  • Use questions from the Hierarchy of ideas to chunk up or chunk down to get more abstract or more specific in line with the person you are communicating with
  • Able to recognise chunk size and match it
  • Use Milton Model and Milton Model Patterns for greater abstraction and get the big picture
  • Use Meta Model to gain specificity in information
  • Use Milton patterns
  • To consciously use language

NLP Communication Model

  • Helps to understand I/R and major differences between individuals
  • Establish Learning State
  • Helps to install information at the unconscious level
  • Allows students to remember things really well


  • Spelling strategy to learn and recall words via Visual Recall


  • To shift brain activity from Beta-waves (conscious processing) to Alpha-waves (light trance or day dream state). Alpha processing is particularly useful for installing information at a deeper level, unconscious level and consolidates material already learned
  • To remove the critical faculty barrier to install information at the unconscious level
  • Change the I/R of the listener
  • Change the mood, state or energy level of a person or group
  • Teach a point indirectly

Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques

  • Enhances performance by removing negative emotions that interfere with people’s abilities to produce results
  • Removes negative emotions (Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt)
  • Removes Limiting Decisions that hold people back in their outcome and goal achievement


  • Assists in the learning state
  • Putting a positive perspective on a negative event


  • Helps to elicit particular states
  • Helps to build and maintain states for self and others
  • Use Collapse Anchors for a quick fix of a minor negative problem without having to take a full personal history
  • Use Chaining Anchors to remove procrastination and move away from a stuck state