Your FAT SWITCH – Don’t Turn it ON!

Recent figures suggest that a staggering 60.1% of people in the UK are overweight, with 23% of the population classed as clinically obese. Since many of us live sedentary lifestyles and often opt for high fructose snacks, these reports aren’t exactly surprising.

There are an ever-increasing number of diet fads entering the market, each claiming to be the holy grail of weight loss techniques. While they all offer the promise of a perfect body, the simple fact is: dieting doesn’t work.


Your FAT Switch! Don't turn it ON!

Your FAT Switch! Don’t turn it ON!

Diets have an insidious way of influencing the way we think, including how we overeat. It’s common for a person intending on starting a diet to think along the lines of “I’ll have that extra sugar fix because I’ll be starting my diet next week”, meaning that we are overeating before we begin to diet, if we even begin at all. Despite sticking to a diet plan, research shows that people are almost entirely likely to regain the weight that they have lost, and more, within five years. The entire psychology of dieting can be unhealthy. It is estimated that around 35% of dieters develop an eating disorder of some sort. Crash dieting can lead to binge eating, and struggling dieters suffering from low self-esteem often eventually throw in the towel and accept being overweight as a part of who they are.

Lose Weight. You CAN do it!

Lose Weight. You CAN do it!

Like all animals, we have a fat switch which helps to store food for winter. Recent medical research has identified the existence of a ‘fat switch’. As a result of our lifestyle, we have the fat switch turned on all the time. This means that all food is turned to fat and ‘stored’. Further, the ‘fat switch’ turns off the mitochondria, the energy source of every cell, resulting in lethargy after a meal. Does that sound familiar! We need to take a ‘paradigm shift’ in the way we view weight gain and what triggers it. NLP practitioner trainings will help sort out the psychology of dieting and help with any eating disorders. Meanwhile, Use Your Head and Lose Weight workshops help you to understand how the ‘fat switch’ is activated through our food and drink, and what we can do to keep it turned off.

NLP practitioner training and Use Your Head and Lose Weight Workshops can help not just with weight loss, but can serve to improve general wellness and energy levels.
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