Elicit Your Customer’s Buying Strategy

Did you know that Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used to discover a customer’s buying strategy? This is possible because everyone has a buying-strategies and NLP can teach you how to become aware of these strategies. Did you know that this awareness can then be used to influence and persuade? Sounds too good to be true? Read on!

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer


You will probably be aware already that if you pay attention to a person’s eye patterns, they can reveal how they’re thinking, but you may not be aware that a customer’s actual buying strategy is shown in their eye patterns! By asking pertinent questions, eyes will move (unconsciously) in particular directions (upwards, sideways or downwards). NLP can teach you how to read these eye patterns and interpret them to assist your customer in the sales process. Once you have identified a customer’s buying strategy, you can feedback this information with relevant product information to confirm your elicitation. It is quite a simple process which can take a matter of minutes although the strategy can identified in a matter of seconds by a NLP practitioner. Strategies are based on the TOTE Model (Test, Operationalize, Test, Exit) when a strategy begins to loop, people develop obsessive compulsive disorders. This too can be corrected with NLP.

NLP is based upon the idea that all human communication is affected by mental ‘filters’. The NLP communication model says that that these filters help people to make sense of their world and that these filters do this by generalising, distorting or deleting various types of information. Two of the most important filters, meta-programmes and values can altered to assist in personal transformation and help you become the person you want to be and realise your potential. The understanding of these filters helps in the sales process.

Courses such as ‘Magic of Selling’, taught by NLP trainers, are much more than just an introduction to sales skills and the magic of selling. Sure, salespeople need those sales in order to give their careers that much-needed boost. NLP students can learn unbeatable sales techniques like the 5 steps of the sales process; they can learn skills that enable them to practice negotiating and influencing techniques, and how to handle customer objections. But methodical NLP practitioner training will empower you to take control of your life and will alter the way you will experience and interact with the world. It shows you how to master every area of your life, from conquering phobias and fears to being successful at work and in relationships.

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