Public Speaking

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to learn the secrets of public speaking, with stage presence and gravitas, with total confidence and in control of audiences of all sizes, and enjoy getting your message across to your audience, from formal speeches to informal situations, such as wedding speeches.

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What will I receive?

The key skills of charismatic public speakers has been modelled and distilled by the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming. You will learn the secrets of public speaking used by charismatic speakers and orators, from politicians to motivational speakers. You will receive the inner confidence to be able to stand up at short notice and deliver your message to large audiences.

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Why is this useful?

  • Learn the charisma pattern to speak like a professional charismatic speaker
  • Learn to take control of the ‘stage’ as a vehicle for your public speaking
  • Build rapport with a group
  • Learn the steps to the Speaking process
  • Learn the keys to creating and delivering speeches
  • Learn memory techniques to aid content delivery

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What will I learn?

The Speaking Process

  • Learn to interact and maintain the attention of your audience
  • Steps to the speaking process
  • The keys to creating and delivering speeches
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Use memory techniques to deliver speeches without notes

Rapport – the basis of all communication

  • ‘Make’ immediate connections with people so that they like you
  • Utilise body language, the words you speak and the way you express those words to ensure you have a ‘connection’ with individuals and groups every time
  • Use Rapport to settle down your clients and help them to gain trust in you
  • Use Rapport to match and mirror, to pace and lead
  • Learn how to establish Rapport with individuals and groups of people

Conscious Use of Language – ensure your message is received

  • Speak with people on their ‘wavelength’ ensuring your message is received
  • Learn to use the right level of detail or abstraction to help you communicate
  • Use reframes to maintain communication

Anchoring – the power of conditioning (Remember Pavlov and his dogs)

  • Utilise resource anchors to strengthen personal resources and to access them whenever required

Presentation Delivery

  • Learn the secret of charismatic presenters and orators using the Charisma pattern
  • Manage the state of the audience through the use of spatial anchors, voice projection and tonality

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How is it possible to learn all this in such a short time?

During the training, you will have the opportunity to utilise all the techniques discussed in the material, and learn of the latest developments.

This training is intensive. We begin each day at 9.30am prompt, and complete each day at 8.00pm. So we expect you to take full advantage of and gain the greatest value from this training. You will be preparing speeches for a particular purpose and utilising the presentation techniques which will be layered, so that by the end of the training, you will be speaking like a professional. It will be like no other training you have ever taken. It will be challenging, exciting and fun.

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Where can I use it?

So can you envisage using all these wonderful techniques?

  • How about delivering the best man’s speech at a wedding
  • Impromptu speech in a business context without any notes
  • An informal speech at the local golf club, the opportunities are endless

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