Art and Science of Communication

Who should attend?

This course is open to everyone who has an open mind, a curiosity to learn and wishes to understand the art and science of communication. Since communication is the basis of all relationships, whether business or personal, no progress can be made until a clear link is established between the parties involved. This training is a must for all who wish to improve their communication skills, from beginners to advanced.

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What will I receive?

You will receive the most upto date theory of communication and the ability to practice in a particular context (business, education and coaching).

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Why is this useful?

  • ‘Make’ immediate connections with people so that they like you
  • Utilise body language, the words you speak and the way you express those words to ensure you have a ‘connection’ with individuals and groups every time
  • Use Rapport to settle down your clients and help them to gain trust in you
  • Use Rapport to match and mirror, to pace and lead
  • Speak with people on their ‘wavelength’ ensuring your message is received
  • Learn to use the right level of detail or abstraction to help you communicate
  • Use reframes to maintain communication
  • Use quantum linguistics to break through problems without any intervention
  • Experience Sleight of Mouth patterns to overcome objections
  • Utilise resource anchors to strengthen personal resources and to access them whenever required

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What will I learn?

The Foundations of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Take control of your life with empowering beliefs that will change the way you experience and interact with the world around you
  • The NLP communication model which will enable to you to understand how communication works, and ensure you get your message across every time
  • Learn about the Mind-Body connection, and take control for great results
  • Discover how each one of us use our 5 senses and sees, hears and feels the world differently
  • Learn to use eye pattern movement to discover how people are thinking

Rapport – the basis of persuasion and influence

  • Quickly get on someone’s wavelength
  • Discover body language and its secrets, to match and mirror physiology, to use words and express them to build rapport quickly

Conscious Use of Language – with elegance and precision

  • Learn the Hierarchy of Ideas and chunking to aid flexible communication, lateral thinking and problem solving
  • Learn to use Milton language patterns to speak in greater abstraction
  • Learn to use the precision questioning of the Meta model to achieve greater level of detail
  • Learn the NLP negotiation model to gain win-win situations
  • Learn to use frames to maintain rapport whilst disagreeing and maintaining ongoing communication

Anchoring – the power of habits

  • Use the power of conditioning to strengthen personal resources

SubModalities – use the language of the brain

  • Learn the language of the brain to make changes towards unwanted feelings, behaviours and beliefs
  • Make changes with SWISH patterns to provide more compelling alternatives
  • Create designer SWISH patterns

Strategies – understand the processes of the brain

  • Humans have strategies for everything. Elicit, change and utilise decision making strategy, buying strategy and re-assurance strategy, both formally and via eye patterns.
  • Change Strategies that are not functioning eg Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Help match client’s Strategies with corporate Strategies to achieve a win-win situation
  • Using the Logical Levels of coaching for conversational strategy change
  • Elicit and utilise strategies in business, education and coaching
  • Strategy installation and change using eye pattern rehearsal

Quantum Linguistics – the art and science of conversational change

  • Using the language of time
  • Conversational belief change
  • Sleight of Mouth patterns
  • Meta-model III – directionalised questioning
  • Time release suggestions
  • Prime Concerns – linguistic life change

Collective Conscious, NLP and Quantum Physics

  • The link between quantum physics, personal change and empowerment
  • The Holographic Universe, holographic memory and quantum physics
  • Morphic fields and the Collective Consciousness

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How can I learn all this in just 5 days?

The training is provided in two parts. There is pre-training study material, consisting of a comprehensive manual, book on Create Your Future Coaching Techniques written by Dr Tad James (the developer of Create Your Future Coaching Techniques), and a comprehensive set of CDs narrated by Dr Tad James. We believe this to be the most comprehensive set of training material available in the market place. All these items are included in the price of your training.

The pre-training material takes around 65 hours, and this is undertaken at your own convenience. At the end of the pre-training study, a questionnaire is completed to test your understanding of the material. This questionnaire needs to be submitted back to us, at least 7 days prior to the start of the course.

During the training, you will have the opportunity to utilise all the techniques discussed in the material, and learn of the latest developments.

The training is, intensive. We begin each day at 9.30am prompt, and complete each day at 8.00pm. So we expect you to take full advantage of and gain the greatest value from this training. It will be like no other training you have ever taken. It will be challenging, exciting and fun.

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Where can I use it?

So can you envisage using all these wonderful techniques?

  • So how about helping to improve your communication and get the message across, first time, every time
  • Understand communications, however vague, and be able to ‘read between the lines’
  • Be able to maintain communications under the most difficult of situations

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