40 seconds to Litigation for Practitioners


Recent psychological research has shown that it is possible to identify within 40 secs, which surgeon and medical practitioner will be sued by their patients by listening to the tone of the practitioner’s voice. This is not dependent on the skills or experience of the practitioner. So, how is this possible?

This presents an opportunity to us all. How do we ensure that we deliver excellent customer service and ensure a continuing business relationship? The solution is surprisingly simple. Rapport!  When we are not in rapport with our clients, there is a brick wall between the practitioner and the client.

Rapport! Basis of all business success.

Rapport! Basis of all business success.


At the heart of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the assumption that a connection must be made with our customers before any business is entertained. A philosophy adopted by many eastern cultures. Much of our communication happens at an unconscious level, and we are not aware of the ‘signals’ that we are emitting. Remember the old adage, we only have one chance to make a good first impression!

The NLP practitioner training shows that the major elements of rapport are: physiology (55%), tonality (38%) and the actual words only 7%. We use aspects of our physiology such as posture, gestures, facial expressions and breathing when we ‘match and mirror’. The way we deliver the spoken words using different tones, tempo and volume affect the outcome. The words we use include common keywords, experiences and associations. We are building bridges, for example, when we meet new people, we talk about our hobbies, schools we attended, whether we have children etc. All this is an unconscious way to build links to new people.

Now wouldn’t it be great if we can now use this unconscious process consciously. Yes. We deliberately use the matching and mirroring process to build links with everyone we meet, including our customers, before we get down to business. A good 4 to 5 minutes of building rapport will bring dividends. Not only will the customer be more trusting of their practitioner, but be more amenable to their advice and suggestions, and more importantly, not damage professional reputation and avoid litigation. As our society becomes more litigious, all practitioners and business owners need to protect their assets and staff. Communication is paramount at every level of an organisation, and non-more so than with the customer. NLP practitioner training of staff at all levels will improve communication, personal self-esteem, confidence and not least, the return on investment.

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