Freedom. Change. Happiness.

NLP, Business Training, Winner's Edge Programme and Use Your Head … Personal Transformation Trainings.

nlpcoachingandtrainingNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) gives you freedom to make choices. NLP gives you the opportunity to change and transform yourself. NLP gives you the opportunity to live the life of your dreams. NLP could be defined as New Life Promised. Are you ready to take the opportunity, both in your personal and professional life to achieve your potential and beyond?

Life is full of possibilities. Life is full of abundance. Life is full of joy. Learn the science behind the success of every winner. Learn the strategies, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs of winners.The portfolio of courses offering NLP Certification, Business Training, Winner’s Edge Training, Use Your Head … Personal Transformation Training and MyBreakthro Coaching provide avenues for you to acquire this know-how today and achieve your dreams. Be the best you can be.

Our trainings in luxurious surroundings, provide the perfect learning environment and a learning experience not to be forgotten. A balanced blend of theory and practice, of the highest quality and value for money. Our trainings are international (UK wide, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong). Are you ready to take the next step? Now!


NLP Certification

Neurology, Language and Programming.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a study of excellence and how to produce specific results consistently. On offer is world class ABNLP certified intensive 4-in-1 Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification trainings by world class trainers, who are highly qualified, experienced and accredited, will help you and guide you in your personal and professional transformation.


Business Training

Presenting, Public Speaking, Selling, Goal Setting, Communicating

Make strides in your professional career. Gain the communication, negotiation and persuasion skills of the successful. Take the next step, or make a giant leap, Now, Propel your career into the stratosphere.


Winner's Edge Training

Be a Winner.

Are you a winner? Are you hungry for success? Learn the strategies, attitudes, beliefs and values of a winner, that will get you to the top of your 'game', at 'peak performance'. This is a specialist programme involving the art and science of communication, personal transformation and presenting / public speaking.



Personal Transformation.


By applying the latest technologies at our disposal (NLP, Creating Your Future® Coaching Techniques, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching) our world class coaches help and guide individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their potential by removing the impediments to their success.